Group Members

David Fabian León Rayo, Post-doctoral fellow
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David is Colombian. He completed his M.Sc. and Ph.D. studies in Mexico City at the Institute of Chemistry UNAM, working on radical chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Alejandro Cordero Vargas. David is currently working on coordination chemistry for the design of gold catalysts and H-atom transfer projects. When not in the lab you can find him playing video games or walking through the streets of Ottawa taking pictures.

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Karim Muratov, Ph.D. Student

Karim is from Russia. He completed his M.Sc. from the Higher Chemical College in Moscow, working under the supervision of Dr. Denis Chusov. In our group, he works on the coordination chemistry of gold. In his free time, Karim likes to watch movies or drink lots of nice Russian teas.

Ali Mansour, Ph.D. Student

Ali was born and raised in Ottawa but spent ~5 years of his childhood in Lebanon, his home country. After completing his B.Sc. at uOttawa, he went on to finish an M.Sc. at McGill University under the supervision of Dr. James L. Gleason. He now works on a project involving the synthesis of polycyclic N-containing heterocycles. In his free time Ali enjoys playing soccer and cooking lavish meals at 10 pm (much to the confusion of his fiancé...). Follow his instagram for all the cool chemistry photos from the lab!

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Guoxian Zhang, Ph.D. Student

Guoxian is from China. His research activities are in the development of novel organic materials, working under the supervision of Dr. Julian Chan (2016-2019). Guoxian has recently joined our group to achieve a collaborative project and to complete his Ph.D. When not in the lab, you can find him on the way home or biking in the city.

Dominic Campeau, M.Sc. student

Dom is studying biotechnology at the University of Ottawa. When not in the lab, you can find im Netflixing and playing video games.  

Alice Pommainville, Honours B.Sc. student

Alice is originally from Rome, Italy and moved to Canada at a young age with her family. Since then, she has been going to school in Ottawa and is now finishing her bachelor’s degree in Biopharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Ottawa. In the lab, she is studying gold-catalyzed reaction of alkynes with azides. During her free time, Alice enjoys playing the piano and listening to music. She is also a big fan of long hikes and loves to travel.


Ayoung Shin (2020, Honours B.Sc. student)
Tamba Doumbia (2020, Honours B.Sc. student)
Daniel Barriault (2019, B.Sc. summer student)
Emran Alnahhas (2019, B.Sc. summer studen)
Felix Vincent (2018, Ph.D. student)
Dan Ni Zheng (2018, B.Sc. summer student)
Martin Daenen (2018, M.Sc. student, intern from UCL, Belgium)
Dillon Dong (2018, Honours B.Sc. student)
Frédéric Murphy (2018, B.Sc. volunteer student)
Marina Sanita (2016-2018, Honours B.Sc. student)
Ruben Coronel Garcia (2017, B.Sc. student, intern from UNAM, Mexico)
Stéphanie Jazzar (2017, B.Sc. summer student)
Jian Pan (2016, Ph.D. student, intern from Nara University, Japan)
Laurie Anne Jouanno (2016-2017, Post-doctoral fellow)